Allow native writing to NTFS

diskutil info /Volumes/**volume_name**
Replace **volume_name** with the name of your NTFS drive. If your drive name is more than one word separated by a space, you’ll want to replace it with a shorter name temporarily. You can return to the original name after the process. From the output of the last command, copy the “Volume UUIID” value to a text file. Then copy this to terminal and press enter:

sudo nano /etc/fstab
It will open nano, the little text editor that runs on terminal window. Write into it

UUID= **UUID you copied onto a text file** none ntfs rw
Replace the **UUID you copied onto a text file** with… UUID you copied onto a text file.

Press Control + X, Y, Enter It will save the file and quit the editor. Restart your computer. Repeat for every drive NTFS drives or partitions that you have to write on.

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