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Using a MacBook for a weather station – managing power

I set up a weather station for a friend for his cabin near Yellowstone using a MacBook Air as the server. A challenge was that the station needs to run unattended through the winter, so has to be able to

Permalink for Skype 2.8 for Mac

The new Skype 5 sucks. Here’s the link for the 2.8 version (last prior to 5): Skype 2.8 for Mac

Fix Juniper Networks “Network Connect” client for mac

sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/juniper/nc/version number/ sudo mkdir ‘/Applications/Network’ More at:

Diamond XX website

This is just a test post to see if the automated feed I have set up for the Diamond XX website is getting updated.

Better dock menus

OS X has an alternate, and I think better, menu format for dock folders. With the alternate menus you have bigger icons, a cleaner look, better scrolling for long lists, and you can click into nested folders right in the

Maker vs. Manager schedule

This essay captures something I struggle with all the time: how to get momentum on a project when your day is dominated by calls & meetings. Short answer, you can’t. You need to do project work in relatively long uninterrupted

Teaching a “middle aged” brain new tricks

Jack Mezirow, a professor emeritus at Columbia Teachers College, has proposed that adults learn best if presented with what he calls a “disorienting dilemma,” or something that “helps you critically reflect on the assumptions you’ve acquired.” Good article in the

Testing Windows Live Writer

Just got Windows 7 running in Parallels on my iMac. This post is being written using the Windows Live Essentials download of goodies from Microsoft. Windows 7 seems pretty good if Aero is running, but for some reason it is

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Exporting subtitles from DVD Studio Pro

For a recent DVD project I needed to create multiple language subtitles. Basically this involves getting a transcript of the audio track in English, laying it in as subtitles, then exporting the English subtitle track out to a timecode formatted

Flowers lake is full!

Wasn’t sure it was going to happen this year.