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Information Diet | Notifications are evil

Great perspective on maintaining focus. Get rid of or manage all those pesky notifications! The only non-renewable resource you truly have is your time. Next time you’re asked to “pay” attention to something, remember that’s what you’re doing: you’re paying.

Steve Jobs Solved the Innovator’s Dilemma

Great article on how Apple has prospered by focusing on product, rather than profits. This is a great illustration of the power of Daniel Pink’s Alignment, Mastery, and Purpose in getting the very best from people. Steve Jobs Solved the Innovator’s

“Knowledge is the enemy of risk”

I said that in a meeting today and thought it was quite pithy. I’m posting it here in case some future historian ever wants to compile a collection of my quotes.

Maker vs. Manager schedule

This essay captures something I struggle with all the time: how to get momentum on a project when your day is dominated by calls & meetings. Short answer, you can’t. You need to do project work in relatively long uninterrupted

Teaching a “middle aged” brain new tricks

Jack Mezirow, a professor emeritus at Columbia Teachers College, has proposed that adults learn best if presented with what he calls a “disorienting dilemma,” or something that “helps you critically reflect on the assumptions you’ve acquired.” Good article in the