First paste the following into the Script Editor and save it to the Word Scripts folder in your Office 2008 identity:

tell application "/Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Microsoft"
	tell selection
			set theClip to Unicode text of (the clipboard as record)
			type text text theClip
		end try
	end tell
end tell

Then use System Preferences to set a keyboard command for the resulting script menu item. A kludge, but seems to work. I found this here.

Here’s the ultimate simple, free labeling software for lightscribe. Lightscribe takes forever to burn labels, but that is more than made up for by not fiddling with adhesive labels or finicky inkjet disc printers. Get a Lightscribe drive, chuck the $35 graphics-focused program it comes packaged with, and get this from the Lightscribe manufacturer’s site:

Lightscribe Simple Labeler

It prints one line of text on the top, one on the bottom, that’s it.

Free, and does what you want with way less crap than Roxio Toast. To save DVDs to ISO images (which you can then use as virtual masters for duplicating) choose the Save As CD/DVD Image option. It will produce a .cdr file. The file extensions can be confusing: .cdr (Burn plus some other Mac programs), .toast (Roxio Toast), and .iso (the rest of the world) are all identical — the files produced are bit-identical to each other.  So you can change the resulting file extension from .cdr to .iso if you want. The resulting file can be used as a disc master on virtually any burning program, Mac, Windows, or Unix.


My 3G iPhone works great, but causes an inductive buzz on pretty much anything with speakers within a 5′ radius. After some googling about, I came on the approach of using an anti-static bag (sometimes called ESD packaging). If the phone is shielded by the bag it knocks down the buzzing almost completely, while still allowing the phone to stay in touch with the tower.

Perfect size ESD bag for the iPhone

Perfect size ESD bag for the iPhone

With some experimenting, I have found a small tray with curved sides – just setting the iPhone in the tray on top of the bag solves the problem.

Perfect no-hassle buzzkill for the iPhone

Perfect no-hassle buzzkill for the iPhone

There’s a product idea in here somewhere. In the meantime you can order ESD bags and trays from here:

A heartier take on the peppermint patty, these have a thick coating of dark chocolate over a smooth mint center. The chocolate is very good, without an overt malitol taste, and the center is perfect. Made by Russell Stover, a company gaining a huge presence in the sugar free ghetto of our local drug stores.

Wow! These are, to my buds, indistinguishable from the real thing – delicious! Dark chocolate over creamy mint, and often (as in the picture) a bit fragile. These are becoming widely available at grocery stores and Walmart, which is a good thing. Sweetened with the usual sugar alcohol suspects, malitol, isomalt, and sorbitol and made by Hershey (alas probably in Mexico, where they moved most of their production after closing down their plant in Oakdale, CA).

Hard candies sweetened with Sucralose (same as Sweet ‘n Low coffee sweetener), these don’t have the rich flavor of some other coffee candies. The Amaretto flavor in particular has a chemical taste (although maybe that’s just Amaretto). 

Produced by Simply Lite Foods Corp, which appears to be either a division of or an authorized producer of Sweet ‘n Low products.

Intense dark coffee flavor, slightly bitter but with just the right sweetness. Sweetened with Sucralose, contains real coffee & butter. Produced by Adams & Brooks.

Here’s hoping they will produce some additional flavors from their sugared Coffee Rio line, which includes: Original, Irish Mint, Kona Blend, Amaretto, Orange Cappuccino, Raspberry Mocha, Suisse Chocolate, Espresso Roma, French Vanilla, and Decafe (not really sure why you’d want a decaf “flavor”, as caffeine is not a listed ingredient of the regular variety).

Wonderfully rich and chewy, as good as the real thing imho. They also come in an equally good Coffee flavor. Sweetened with malitol, but containing heavy cream, butter, and milk. A Nestlé product.

For some reason my Mac Mini running OS X Leopard tends to drop its VNC server. Here’s how to turn it back on via the terminal:

sudo sh -c “/bin/echo -n enabled > /Library/Preferences/”

I think this will also work for Tiger, not sure about previous versions.

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